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Black & White: Dark Explorers - Booster Box

Black & White: Dark Explorers - Booster Box

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Set: Black & White: Dark Explorers Sealed
Release Date: 2012-05-09
Brace Yourself to Explore the Darkness...

What's out there in the darkness, waiting to be discovered? Play the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Black & White—Dark Explorers expansion and find them all! In addition to more Pokémon-EX like Tornadus-EX, Raikou-EX, and Groudon-EX, the shadows are filled with other exceptional surprises, like Darkrai-EX and a host of Trainer cards that will knock your opponent's lights out! When you play Black & White—Dark Explorers, you'll not only explore the darkness, you'll rule it!

Each Black & White Dark Explorers Booster Box contains 36 packs.

• Each Black & White Dark Explorers booster pack contains 10 randomly inserted game cards

Cards vary by pack. Booster pack packaging may vary by product.
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