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Dustwyrm Drought Dragon (BSS04-002) [Savior of Chaos Pre-Release Cards]

Dustwyrm Drought Dragon (BSS04-002) [Savior of Chaos Pre-Release Cards]

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Set Name: Savior of Chaos Pre-Release Cards
Card Number: BSS04-002
Release Date: TBA
Rarity: Rare
Card Type: Spirit
Cost: 8
Color: Red
Spirit Type: Star Dragon
Flavor Text: Simply controlling the revived Siegwurm became the Star Dragons' greatest duty
If you have 3 or fewer life, you may treat all of this cards reduction symbols as fulfilled when summoning this card from your hand.

[LvI][LvII][LvIII] Flash

[Awaken] (You may remove any number of cores from your other spirits and place them onto this spirit. "When Destroyed" effects are not triggered by this effect.)

[LvI][LvII][LvIII] When Summoned

Select one of your opponent's spirits with 5000 or fewer BP and destroy it.
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