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EX: Power Keepers - Theme Deck (Mind Game)

EX: Power Keepers - Theme Deck (Mind Game)

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Set: EX: Power Keepers Sealed
Release Date: 2007-02-14
Take the Reins of Power!

In EX Power Keepers, you'll unleash great forces that every Trainer will want to harness for their own! Enter stadiums where only the most elite Trainers have dared to go... Capture rare, powerful Pokémon that will challenge you there... and join the ranks of the Power Keepers! Can you control powers that have never been controlled before?

Keep your opponent wondering what will happen next when you play the Mind Game theme deck! Fill your hand with cards using Sableye's Down Draw attack, surprise your opponent when you suddenly put Phoebe's Stadium into play, and then let the game truly begin when Dusclops lets loose with its Mysterious Light attack! Your Psychic and Fighting Pokémon will set your opponent's mind reeling!

In this box you'll find:

• 60 Pokémon card deck (including a specially selected holographic foil card)
• 1 Metallic Coin
• 1 Rulebook / Cardlist
• 1-Player Playmat
• Damage counters

Coin may vary by product.

Deck List:

• 1 Mightyena
• 4 Poochyena
• 2 Charmeleon
• 4 Charmander
• 2 Combusken
• 4 Torchic
• 1 Zangoose
• 1 Delcatty
• 4 Skitty
• 2 Bagon
• 2 Energy Removal 2
• 1 Master Ball
• 1 Professor Birch
• 1 Scott
• 2 Sidney's Stadium
• 2 Energy Search
• 2 Potion
• 4 Darkness Energy
• 20 Fire Energy
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