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Mecholossus Jotungrim (BSS04-055) [Savior of Chaos]

Mecholossus Jotungrim (BSS04-055) [Savior of Chaos]

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Set Name: Savior of Chaos
Card Number: BSS04-055
Release Date: 2024-03-01
Rarity: X Rare
Card Type: Spirit
Cost: 6
Color: White
Spirit Type: Android
Flavor Text: A blow from the mecholossus sent Meduke flying from the battlefield.
[LV I][LV II][LV III] During Your Turn

When one of your opponent's spirits is returned to their hand or deck, all of your Android and Ice Princess spirits gain [Armor: Purple, White, Yellow, Green] during this turn: [Armor: Purple, White, Yellow, Green] (This spirit cannot be selected by the effects of your opponent's spirits, nexuses, or magic of the specified colors.)

[LV III] When This Spirit Attacks

Select one of your opponent's spirits with one symbol and return it to their hand.
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