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Platinum - Theme Deck (Rebellion)

Platinum - Theme Deck (Rebellion)

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Set: Platinum: Base Set Sealed
Release Date: 2009-02-11
New Worlds, New Battles!

The Pokémon TCG: Platinum expansion puts you in the middle of the action when you face challenges no Trainer has ever encountered before! From incredible Pokémon LV.X like Giratina to the mysterious new Lost Zone, from the newly discovered Pokémon Shaymin to the villainous Team Galactic, you'll discover worlds you never knew existed and fight battles you never knew were possible. The Pokémon TCG: Platinum is your first step into the next great Pokémon TCG adventure!

What do you get when you team up Fighting and Psychic Pokémon? You get a hard-hitting team with some tricks up its sleeve! The mighty Giratina keeps you safe with its Dragonbreath as Mismagius and Dugtrio use their sneaky traps to catch your opponents off guard. Then, unleash Gardevoir and its double-barreled Energy Burst attack. The more Energy in the field, the stronger it gets! With your strength and savvy, you'll lead your Rebellion to supremacy!

Each Platinum - Theme Deck (Rebellion) includes:
• 60 Pokémon cards deck
• 1 Metallic Coin
• 1 Checklist
• 2 Player Playmat / Rulesheet
• Damage Counters
• 1 Online code card!
• 1 Deck Box

Coin may vary by product.

Deck List:

Pokémon (25)
• 1 Giratina
• 1 Gardevoir
• 2 Kirlia
• 4 Ralts
• 1 Dugtrio
• 4 Diglett
• 2 Mismagius
• 4 Misdreavus
• 3 Riolu
• 3 Shuppet

Trainer Card (11)
• 2 Potion
• 2 Energy Search
• 2 Bebe's Search
• 2 Life Herb
• 2 Pokédex HANDY910is
• 1 Quick Ball

Energy Card (24)
• 16 Psychic Energy
• 8 Fighting Energy
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