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Reborn Turtle Mock Genbu (BSS04-035) [Savior of Chaos]

Reborn Turtle Mock Genbu (BSS04-035) [Savior of Chaos]

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Set Name: Savior of Chaos
Card Number: BSS04-035
Release Date: 2024-03-01
Rarity: X Rare
Card Type: Spirit
Cost: 7
Color: Yellow
Spirit Type: Fabled Beast/Otherlander
Flavor Text: The real leader of the Army of the Four Sage Beasts was Genbu.
[Ascend: Fabled Beast or Otherlander] (As an additional summoning cost, you must place all cores from one of your Fabled Beast or Otherlander spirits into your reserve.)

[LV I][LV II][LV III] When Summoned

Select up to as many of your opponent's spirits as you have yellow symbols. Reduce their BP by 3000 during this turn.

[LV II][LV III] During Your Attack Step

All of your spirits that cost the same as your life total gain [Blessed].
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