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Diamond & Pearl: Majestic Dawn - Theme Deck (Polar Frost)

Diamond & Pearl: Majestic Dawn - Theme Deck (Polar Frost)

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Set: Diamond & Pearl: Majestic Dawn Sealed
Release Date: 2008-05-21
Far From All Things Ordinary, the Majestic Dawn Rises

A new day is emerging for the awesome powers that wait just beyond the horizon. In the Pokémon TCG: Diamond & Pearl—Majestic Dawn expansion, the Evolution Pokémon Eevee is ready to be discovered in its ice and grass forms—Glaceon and Leafeon. With more new Pokémon, new Pokémon LV.X, a cool new Stadium card, and all seven powerful evolutions of Eevee, Majestic Dawn puts amazing origins right before your eyes!

Don't miss the power inside the Polar Frost theme deck because if there's a chill in the air, Glaceon must be right around the corner! When the Fresh Snow Pokémon puts on the freeze with its Icy Wind attack, it just might blast your opponent into hibernation! Plus, Jolteon charges in with a signature attack that rarely needs to hit twice—Lightning Strike! With a Polar Frost theme deck, not only do you shock the competition, you put it on ice!

Each Diamond & Pearl: Majestic Dawn - Theme Deck (Polar Frost) includes:
• 60 Pokémon card deck
• 1 Metallic Coin
• 1 Checklist
• 2 Player Playmat / Rulesheet
• Damage Counters
• 1 Online code card!
• 1 Deck Box

Coin may vary by product.

Deck List:

Pokémon (25)
• 1 Glaceon
• 1 Jolteon
• 4 Eevee
• 1 Empoleon
• 2 Prinplup
• 4 Piplup
• 2 Manectric
• 4 Electrike
• 4 Pikachu
• 2 Shellos

Trainer Card (11)
• 1 Dusk Ball
• 2 Mom's Kindness
• 2 Quick Ball
• 2 Warp Point
• 2 Energy Search
• 2 Potion

Energy Card (24)
• 12 Lightning Energy
• 12 Water Energy
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