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Weebs of the Shore

Mercurial Heart: 1st Edition - Booster Pack

Mercurial Heart: 1st Edition - Booster Pack

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Set: Mercurial Heart: 1st Edition Sealed
Release Date: 2024-05-17
The story of Azoth continues in Mercurial Heart! Join the Grand Archive champions as they uncover ancient secrets, battle against the darkness within humanity, and attempt to restore peace to the fragmented world. The fate of both humanity and automata rests in your hands.

Mercurial Heart is an expansion set that supports all seven classes (Assassin, Cleric, Guardian, Mage, Ranger, Tamer and Warrior). It primarily builds upon the play-styles and archetypes in Alchemical Revolution and the new Re:Collection decks.

•191 unique cards in set
•200 foil variations in set
•8 randomly inserted cards per pack
*First Edition (1E) boosters are printed in a single wave and won't be reprinted.
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