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Shining Fates - Collection (Shiny Cramorant V)

Shining Fates - Collection (Shiny Cramorant V)

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Set: Sword & Shield: Shining Fates Sealed
Release Date: 2021-05-21
Gulp and Gorge—With SHINY CRAMORANT V!

From the air high above to the frozen waters—Shiny Cramorant V battles hard in any environment! Enhance your collection with this stunning, missile-flinging Pokémon, and you'll also find helpful allies, skilled trainers, and other treasures in Pokmeon TCG: Shining Fates booster packs. Nothing escapes the bright eyes and sharp beak of a truly determined Shiny Cramorant V on the wing!

• 1 Foil promotional card featuring Shiny Cramorant V
• 1 Foil oversize card featuring Shiny Cramorant V
• 5 Pokémon TCG: Shining Fates booster packs, each containing 10 cards and 1 basic Energy
• A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

Cards vary by pack. Booster pack packaging varies by product.
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