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Dragon Ball Super: Fusion World

Starter Deck - Frieza

Starter Deck - Frieza

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Set: Starter Decks Sealed
Release Date: 2024-02-16
Contents: Each sealed Fusion World Starter Deck contains a 51 card deck that is ready to play right out of the box! It also includes:

• 1 energy marker

• 1 play sheet

• 1 Alternative-Design Card Pack.

• 1 Promotion code for the digital version

The Frieza clan and Frieza's army gathered! FS04 gathers the Frieza clan and Frieza's army around the leader card FS4-01 "Frieza"! Activate 2 battle cards at the end of the turn! Protect your leader with loyalty!

The Leader and three types of Super Rare cards also feature a foil design.
Includes a serial code for the digital version! Each booster pack contains one serial code that can be used in the digital version of the game!
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